About Us

With years of experience in the industry, Northern Shield Security Group was founded on the fundamental premise that every person deserves to feel safe wherever they are.  

Our goal is for our clients and their families to be able to walk around their neighbourhood confidently, let their kids play outside without worry and go on vacation unconcerned about their homes being broken into and cars being stolen. 

Criminal activity has been on the rise, leading to growing concerns over personal and property safety. Security cameras are great, but can only do so much. Northern Shield Security Group believes that the best way to deter criminals is with a strong security presence in the area. 

With this in mind, we have assembled a team of highly-trained, licensed guards who are willing to take on any challenge. All of our guards have experience in de-escalating situations and continue to hone their skills in order to provide exceptional service. 

We firmly believe our company is only as good as the employees we hire, which is why we conduct thorough background checks and hire the most professional, responsible guards. Our group has worked in every capacity from large venues to personal bodyguarding, and we always deliver a service that ensures the safety of our clients.

Feel Protected. Feel Safe.